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Pastor -
Music Director - Edward Chenoweth - pianaplayer@aol.com

Moderator - Merrill Lewis - merrill.lewis@comcast.net
Church Clerk - Bonnie Bolster - wing42@comcast.net
Church Treasurer - Merle Wood - merlmew1@comcast.net
Sunday School Supt. - Gail Morgrage - gmorgrage@aol.com

Deacons Chair - Dottie Morgrage - dotzky@comcast.net
Trustees Chair - Nancy Bridgewater - nebh2o@icloud.com
Christian Education Chair - Diana Bridgewater - dlbh2o@gmail.com

The Pastor is hired by the congregation to serve an indefinite term, subject to termination with due notice by the Pastor or Congregation.  Our Pastor is an ordained minister in good standing with the Hillsborough Association of the New Hampshire Conference of the United Church of Christ.  She is a member of Bethany Chapel, and is Ex-Offciio of all Boards and Committees.  She provides leadership, promotes the welfare of the congregation especially with prayer and visitation, conducts worship services, preaches, administers the Sacraments, leads adult Bible Studies, coordinates church activities in collaboration with boards and committees, and represents our church in the community at large.

The Moderator is elected by the congregation and conducts all church business meetings.  The Moderator is Chair of the Church Council.

The Church Clerk is elected by the congregation and posts notices for and takes minutes of all meetings of the church business.  The Clerk takes minutes of Council meetings, maintains church membership rolls, maintains records of weddings, baptisms, and deaths.  The Clerk prepares the Annual Report of the Church.

The Treasurer is elected by the congregation, and is responsible for receipt, disbursement, and accounting of Church monies as directed by the Church Trustees, or Board of Christian Education in the case of Sunday School monies.