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Church Council  -   The mission of the Church council (Merrill Lewis, chair) is to be the focus for any issues outside the bounds of other working boards and committees, and is composed of church officers who are to be held to high moral and ethical standards, as they may be called upon to deal with issues of a potentially sensitive nature. 

Board of  Trustees  - 
The Trustees  (Nancy Bridgewater, chair)  oversee and manage the Church’s property and finances.  They collaborate with the Pastor in the care and use of the physical property and tangible resources of the Church; administer business and financial affairs of the Church; oversee maintenance and repair activity and capital improvement of Church property and prepare a budget proposal for consideration at the Annual Business  Meeting.  

Board of Deacons
(Diaconate) – The Deacons  (Dottie Morgrage and Sally Sanborn, co-chairs) collaborate with the Pastor in the spiritual work of the Church.  They provide laity assistance, assist in the administration of the Sacraments, administer the stewardship drive, promote active participation in worship services & the works of the church, extend the hand of fellowship, and welcome new families and friends to our membership.  

Board of Christian Education
– The Board of Christian Education (Diana Bridgewater, chair) is involved with imparting Biblical and other relevant lessons about our religion to members of the congregation.  They provide stewardship for multi-generational Christian Education programs, promote Bible study and other adult educational activities, assist the Pastor in guiding youth along their path to Confirmation, Organize and promote events/activities to involve raising funds for the CE programs while collaborating with the Treasurer & Trustees regarding the allocation of funds for its programs, function as a resource for the Sunday School program, providing consultation and guidance as requested, direct and manage all other educational programs that may be developed. 

The Sunday School Superintendent
is a member of the Board of Christian Education and utilizes it as a resource for fulfillment of the Sunday School mission and goals.  (She: is elected annually by the Congregation;   directs and manages the Sunday School program and related activities;  is responsible for selection of Sunday School Curricula and educational materials in collaboration with the Pastor; enlists or provides Sunday School teachers and chairs a Sunday School Committee comprised of these teachers. 

 ADDITIONAL COMMITTEES – These committees are not part of the governance of Bethany Chapel, however, their existence and activities are invaluable.  They are comprised of members of the congregation who volunteer their time and abilities.  

Hospitality Committee –
Chair, Nancy Bridgewater contacts volunteers to host the Coffee hours after church services (normally on the last Sunday of each month).  The coffee hours offer the congregation a chance to greet fellow worshippers in a relaxed and friendly setting.  

Website Committee – Merle Wood has put up Bethany’s Website for years.  Kristin Smith is the Website Manager.  

Wedding Committee –
Diana Bridgewater and Bonnie Bolster co-ordinate arrangements for chapel weddings.  The church is re-arranged from a worship format to a wedding format.  If our Pastor is not officiating, someone from the church must be present for the rehearsal and the wedding.


Church Bulletin Editor –
Bonnie Bolster publishes the weekly worship bulletins, containing the coordinating hymns, special music, baptisms, responsive readings, scripture readers, and birthdays, anniversaries and meetings/activities for the following week.   

Fundraising Committee
(formerly  known as the Meals Committee) Nancy Bridgewater, Gail Morgrage and Dottie Morgrage, focuses on new ideas and enlist volunteers to help raise funds for the church and its expenses.  It includes “Breakfast Buffets” and Suppers, as well as other fundraising events, such as the very successful “Penny Sale” of October, 2015.   It is comprised of  “teams” (as required, depending on the type of event to be presented), and is always open to new suggestions.  

Music Committee: 
Chairs: Marlene Ambrister, Pat Smith and Mac Morgrage.  Ex-Officio:  Organist & Choir Director.  The Music Committee supplies sacred music for worship and special occasions.  They oversee the selection of an organist and choir director, as well as the activities of the Chancel Choir.  (In conjunction with the Music Committee, the updating and maintenance of the Large-Print Hymnals is done by Dottie Morgrage.)  

Missions Committee
– The Missions Committee, under the auspices of the Bible Study group, is responsible for educating the church, and the community about the wider missions of the Church, promoting active participation in mission  work, the distribution of literature regarding missions and arranging for periodic missions speakers.   A food pantry is maintained for the church and community, and food baskets are distributed at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The Missions Committee supports and assists the Sunday School’s annual Heifer Project.  It communicates with Bethany’s sister church in Chinoyi, Zimbabwe, and started a sponsorship of Dr. Menson Mpofo’s student at Midlands State University in Gweru, Zimbabwe.  

Altar Flower Committee –
Is under the direction of Gloria Myrdek, who secures a fresh-flower altar arrangement from Jacques Flowers each week.  Donations are sometimes offered, asking that flowers be placed on the altar in memory or honor of someone.  Gloria secures memorial flowers at Christmas and Easter, as well as co-ordinating flowers for Children’s Day.  She also secures a red rose for Baptisms and New Member celebrations.  

Sunshine Committee -  
The chairman, Diana Lewis, sends  get-well cards to shut-ins as well as birthday cards,  anniversary cards,  and sympathy cards to church members and friends.  

Email Prayer Chain
–  Dottie Morgrage oversees and administers a 50-plus member email prayer chain ministry.   Prayer request cards are collected during the Sunday Service (and prayers requests are sent via email to Dottie whenever prayers are needed).  They are then sent via email to the members on the prayer chain.